1000 Faces Coffee
Athens, GA

Gatare | 12oz


ROASTER: 1000 Faces Coffee
TASTING NOTES: Berry, Vibrant, Delicate
COUNTRY: Burundi
REGION: Muramvya
PRODUCER: 1307 small smallholder farmers
COORDINATES: 3°16’39.6″S 29°39’49.2″E
VARIETAL: Bourbon & Jackson Bourbon
HARVEST: Jan-Mar 2017


STORY: As we gaze into the future and shape our green sourcing plan, one of our goals over the next few years is to explore new offerings from a myriad of African countries producing stellar coffees. These relationships are historically a little trickier, as the lots are mostly comprised of hundreds, sometimes thousands, of different families’ coffee from their small plots of land surrounding their homes. This is where we must rely heavily on our relationships with select importers – who have eyes and ears on the ground in these countries throughout the year(s), tasting coffees and strengthening relationships.

Our newest offering, Gatare, is the product of many new relationships and a desire for exploration. This coffee comes to us by way of Crop to Cup Importers – with east Africa being a main focus, their relationships in Burundi are only second in length to Uganda. Gatare is the name of a washing station nestled within a lush green valley in the Muramvya province of Burundi. Our lot is comprised of a blend of the 25 top day-lot selections throughout the harvest this year. We were thoroughly impressed with how dynamic this coffee tastes, and we’re excited about the potential to continue sourcing coffees from Burundi.

From Crop to Cup: “Going into our third year buying from Gatare, we are continually blown away with the quality of the coffee. That quality is thanks, in large part, to the watchful eye of the washing station manager Jean Surmani, who makes sure everything is covered from the maintenance of the pulper, to clean canals, to fastidious parchment picking. Sourcing here is similar to Buhorwa, with us choosing the best day lots to come up with the now classic sticky sweet lime Gatare profile. We are excited to grow both our purchasing and our community involvement with Gatare in the coming year through Projet Vache.”

This washing station and its contributing farmers are boosted by the efforts of a new initiative based on years of relationship building in the region. Project Vache is a three-tiered approach to complex issues faced by the over 2500 families contributing to the Buhorwa and Gatare washing stations. It was born of many meetings between Crop to Cup, washing station owners, farmers, and various partners in the community – sparked by the original idea brought forth by the farmers themselves. The goals of Project Vache are simple to grasp yet challenging to realize: raise quality, grow healthier farms, and increase farmers’ capital and income.

We are thrilled with our new relationships and excited to be exploring our first coffee offering from Burundi! Gatare is bright, clean, and sweet. It simultaneously boasts flavors of blackberries, fruit punch, and lime juice while staying grounded with sweet notes of baking spices brown sugar.

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