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Ketiara | 12oz


ROASTER: Barrington Coffee Roasting Company
TASTING NOTES: Syrupy body and low acidity with chocolate, black cherry, stone fruit and rich, earthy flavors.
BODY: High
COUNTRY: Sumatra
REGION: Central Aceh Province
ELEVATION: 3300 – 4500 masl
CULTIVARS: Sidikalang, Bergendal, S-795, Catimor, Caturra, Tim Tim, Bourbon & Typica
PROCESS: Wet Hulled, Sun dried
PRODUCER: Koperasi Pedgang Kopi (KOPEPI) Ketiara


STORY: This coffee is grown by the 897 members of the cooperative Koperasi Pedgang Kopi (KOPEPI) Ketiara. Though Ketiara has its roots in the 90’s, the cooperative was founded in 2009 with 38 original members. Ketiara is the only women-lead coffee cooperative in Indonesia. The co-op Chair, Rahma, has been with the organization since it’s inception, carefully guiding its development.

The current membership comprises over 836 hectares of arable land. A shade canopy and companion planting of staple food crops is found throughout the co-op, along with a broad diversity of wildlife including the endangered Sumatran tiger, elephant and orangutan. If you’d like to learn more about the Ketiara Co-op, click here.

Once picked, the seeds are wet hulled during their preparation and are then sun-dried and carefully hand picked before export. Wet Hulled process coffee is slightly cleaner than its natural process cousin, as it involves a soaking stage in water prior to being stripped of its hull. The coffee retains an exotic Indonesian character. Because of its heavy body this coffee is very versatile. And though we enjoy it black, even at our unique light roast treatment, this coffee is a great choice for those who drink their coffee with milk or cream.

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