Theodore’s Coffee Roasters
Owosso, MI

Parainema, Honduras | 12oz


ROASTER: Theodore’s Coffee Roasting
TASTING NOTES: Hints of sweet white chocolate, creamy and silky citrus and nutty tastes with an amazing sweet cacao finish.
COUNTRY: Honduras
ELEVATION: 1680 masl
FARMER: Israel Ventura
FARM: El Playon
CULTIVAR: Parainema

GRIND AVAILABLE: Whole bean only

STORY: So much controversy in the coffee world when it comes to Cultivars vs Varieties! This Parainema cultivar was developed to avoid the continued damage by plagues in coffee, so if you are a coffee lover you should love this!

The 2017 Cup of Excellence Winner of Honduras and Nicaragua was this same Cultivar, so it has a great flavor profile! This was one of the reasons we are so excited to have this coffee, the tasting notes makes this coffee one of a kind!

Don Israel is a very unique person. A man of few words… and less words everytime. He loves the farming side of the business.

In his obsessive perfectionist way, Don Israel has grown over 12 different varieties of coffees in his farm and all are shade grown, dry in Ethiopians beds unders a greenhouse space he created and keeps impressing us over and over again!

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