Folly Coffee

LOCATION: Silver Lake, MN
OWNERS: Rob Bathe, Ken Schweikert
Ken Schweikert


So there’s Rob

Rob was selling craft beer across the Midwest, drinking the burnt coffee found at every corner to keep the days running. Friend of Rob’s, “How are you such a lover of fine foods, beers, etc. and all I see you drinking is this stuff?” Friend introduces Rob to specialty coffee. Rob is instantly in love. Rob wants to learn everything there is to know.
Two Years Later…

Love of lightly roasted specialty coffee has exponentially grown. It starts as a love of the coffee and trying every roast he can get his hands on. Then, he becomes obsessed with the roasting process. THEN, comes that fateful day. “This is what I want to do.” The combined passion for specialty coffee and excitement to spread the word led to Rob quitting his job, moving back home to the great state of Minnesota, and beginning to plan.
Rob Meets Ken

As Rob is planning, he attends a farmer’s market. At the farmer’s market is Ken, selling his specialty whole bean coffee. Rob tastes Ken’s Coffee. Rob is thrilled by the quality of the roast. “Um. This may be odd, but, uh, can I come roast with you sometime?” Skeptical, but being the nicest person in existence, Ken agrees to host Rob for a roast session at his place in Silver Lake, MN. After the roast, Rob explains his idea to lightly roast specialty single origin coffee and spread the amazing deliciousness. (After a few more roast sessions), Ken agrees. Ken lets Rob in on plans to build a wall among other things to make the facility compliant with state regulations. Together, with Ken’s expertise in construction, woodworking, metalworking, and electric, and Rob’s expertise in….lifting heavy stuff…they transform the roasting warehouse into a full blown roastery and Folly Coffee Roasters is born alongside Ken’s existing business.
Fun coffee, delicious people. Bridging the gap between the coffee elite and the everyday drinker of jo.


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